Saturday, 30 January 2016

Setup AX7 VM on Oracle Virtual Box

        Go through the below link to get idea on AX7 VM running on Premises
  • Extract the downloaded VM files. Downloaded VM files size around 20 GB. After extraction VHD file size around 120 GB. So make sure that you have enough space in your local hard drive.

  • Create new virtual machine as shown below. Use an existing virtual hard disk and attached the extracted VHD file.

  • Do the settings as shown below.

  • Start AX7 VM.
  • Login with contoso\administrator.
  • If it asks for the Network connection to be used. Click YES
  • Then set the static ip address for the VM.
  • Go to the approot folder.

  •      Take the backup of Web.config file and open the file with notepad search for the
    With the new IP we have assigned above.

  • Open the hosts file with notepad from the below shown path and replace with the new IP we have assigned above.
  • Then go to the services and check DynamicsAXBatch is in running state, if not start the service.

  • Sometimes you may get the below 500 Error, that is because of the local system Time zone, Date & time are not matching with the VM. Change the Date & Time Settings accordingly then you will be able to login to AX.

  • Finally able to login AX 7… :)


  1. Hi Shankar,

    i followed your steps to configure the ax 7 setup, but i am getting sql server login error at "administrator provisioning tool" when i am given the email address with is above mansion.

    can you please guide me on this.

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  3. Dear Srinivas,

    You have to subscribe to Azure, create a domain and an account. Use that account.

    Administrator@contosoax7 account is no more supports.


  4. Hi Shankar,

    Then what is the other approach to setup the ax7 in oracle vpc.


  5. Where do I download AX7 VHD? doesn't show up on my customer source.

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