Monday, 18 January 2016

Dynamics AX 7 Look & Feel

   AX 7 Screen 

   Highlighted with the numbers... as follow

  1.    Search Option
  2.    Company which we logged in
  3.    Alerts for the current user
  4.    Settings
  5.    Help
  6.    Company Banner
  7.    Calendar
  8.    Work space
  9.    Workflows assigned
  10.    Main Menu
    1. Search Option:
     This is very useful option, if you are not aware of the particular menuitem in which Work           space/Module available.

 2. Company:
     Can see the list of companies available & can change the company.

3. Alerts:
     Can see the list of alerts raised for the current user.

4. Settings:
     Can update the user options, can start Task recorder. Can see the version of application with      option About.

5. Help:
    Help guide for the particular task. 

6. Company banner:
    Company banner is different from Company logo. Can differentiate the logged in entity by         selecting different banner easily. 
7. Calendar:
    Can change the session date using calendar. In below screenshot highlighted date is Session       date & only rounded date is System date.

8. Work space:
    Work spaces are useful for the segregation of the functionality/operations. We can assign          work spaces to the users. It gives the dash board experience like Enterprise Portal dash            boards in older versions of AX.
9. Work flows assigned:
    Can see the workflows assigned to the current logged in user.

10. Main Menu:
    Can see module list from here.

Enjoy... :)

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