Saturday, 10 June 2017

Extension of Class in D365 for Operations

We can create extension for class but can use/call only Public Members/Methods. Private and Protected can not be accessed from Extension Class.

Added new field TstField in MainAccount Table using extension.
Would like to show newly added field on Trail balance Form/Report.
Added new field TstField in LedgerTrialBalanceTmp Table using extension.

/// <summary>

/// Extension Class for LedgerTrialBalanceDP
/// </summary>
final class HNWLedgerTrialBalanceDP_Extension
    protected void new()


    /// <summary>
    /// Updating new field in <c>LedgerTrialBalanceTmp</c> Table
    /// </summary>
    public void UpdateTstField()
        MainAccount                         mainAccount;
        DimensionAttributeValueCombination  ledgerDimension;
        LedgerTrialBalanceTmp               ledgerTrialBalanceTmp;
        ledgerTrialBalanceTmp = this.getLedgerTrialBalanceTmp();     

        update_recordset ledgerTrialBalanceTmp
            TstField     =   mainAccount.TstField
            join mainAccount
        exists join ledgerDimension where
            ledgerDimension.MainAccount == mainAccount.RecId &&
            ledgerDimension.RecId == ledgerTrialBalanceTmp.LedgerDimension;



Create postEventHandler for processReport method in LedgerTrialBalanceDP Class
and call our newly created method in Extension Class of LedgerTrialBalanceDP

public class HNWLedgerTrailBalanceHandlersExt

    [PostHandlerFor(classStr(LedgerTrialBalanceDP), methodStr(LedgerTrialBalanceDP, processReport))]

    public static void LedgerTrialBalanceDP_Post_processReport(XppPrePostArgs args)        {
       LedgerTrialBalanceDP ledgerTrialBalanceDP = args.getThis();


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