Monday, 25 November 2013

Disable financial dimensions in AX 2012 through code

Disabling particular financial dimension based on record or on particular form quite tricky in AX 2012 compared to AX 2009.

Here is an example to achieve disabling Business unit financial dimension on Customers form in AX 2012.

Process to disable Business Unit financial dimension on Customers form.
1.       Create a new parm method in ‘DimensionDefaultingControllerBase’ class as shown below  

void parmEditableDimensionAttributeSetId(RefRecId _editableDimensionAttributeSetId  = editableDimensionAttributeSetId)
    editableDimensionAttributeSetId = _editableDimensionAttributeSetId;

2.       Create a new method in ‘CustTable’ form as shown below  

private void setDimensionAttributeSetStorage()
    DimensionAttribute              dimAttr;
    DimensionAttributeSetItem       dimAttrSetItem;
    DimensionEnumeration            dimensionSetId =  DimensionCache::getDimensionAttributeSetForLedger();
    DimensionAttributeSetStorage    dimensionAttributeSetStorage;

    dimensionAttributeSetStorage = new DimensionAttributeSetStorage();

    while select * from dimAttr
            order by Name
            where dimAttr.Type != DimensionAttributeType::MainAccount
        join RecId from dimAttrSetItem
            where dimAttrSetItem.DimensionAttribute == dimAttr.RecId &&
                dimAttrSetItem.DimensionAttributeSet == dimensionSetId
        if (dimAttr.Name != 'BusinessUnit') // Except BusinessUnit rest should enable
            dimensionAttributeSetStorage.addItem(dimAttr.RecId, dimAttr.HashKey,NoYes::Yes);


3.       Add below highlighted code in ‘init’ method of ‘CustTable’ form as shown below     
Calling newly created method before dimensionDefaultingController.pageActivated();

dimensionDefaultingController = DimensionDefaultingController::constructInTabWithValues(true, true, true, 0, this, tabFinancialDimensions, "@SYS138487");
    dimensionDefaultingController.parmAttributeValueSetDataSource(custTable_ds, fieldStr(CustTable, DefaultDimension));
    // Added by Shankar on 25/11/2013 DisableFinDimensions - Begin
    // Added by Shankar on 25/11/2013 DisableFinDimensions - End

4.       Now open Customers form & check financial dimensions tab it shows as below.
Can see Business Unit financial dimension disabled, highlighted one.


Hope this topic would be helpful...Enjoy... 


  1. I want to display only 2 dimension and that too only with the first part(i.e. I dont want to show the default value screen in the fast tab.
    Is that possible shankar ?

    1. Hi Vikas,

      Go through the below link... Hope you are looking same kind of....

  2. Is there a way to display only the active (i.e. not suspended) values in a dimension drop-down box? The dimension controller eventually validates a suspended entry bu if would be a much cleaner U.I. if we could propose to the user only the active choices.



  3. Hi Shankar,

    is this is possible to do the same as like mandatory on the form rather than creating please reply asap

    1. Sorry, I didn't get what you are looking for...
      Could you elaborate your requirement...


  4. Hello Shankar,

    Dear All,

    I wanted to show only limited dimension on some forms. I did all the things as per your blog( & It worked fine for CustTable, VendTable and SalesTable forms.
    But for PurchTable form, it is not working.

    When I called the method parmEditableDimensionAttributeSetId() with both the object(dimensionDefaultingControllerLine & dimensionDefaultingControllerHeader), the purchTable form was not responding properly.


    But when I called the method parmEditableDimensionAttributeSetId() with object dimensionDefaultingControllerLine only, it was working fine for only LineView mode.


    What to do to show only limited dimension on both the view(LineView & HeaderView) of PurchTable form?

    Note: In SalesTable form, there are also two object(dimensionDefaultingControllerLine & dimensionDefaultingControllerTable). I called the method parmEditableDimensionAttributeSetId() using both the Object, it is working fine.