Thursday, 21 June 2012

How to add a new financial dimension in AX 2012 and link to existing table.

Going to create new financial dimension for Sales orders.
Created a new View with the name “DimAttributeSalesTable” as shown below.
Can refer existing views like, DimAttributeCustGroup and DimAttributeCustTable….

Once created the view, can’t see newly created financial dimension in Financial dimensions list immediately. Need to clear the cache or restart the server.
To clear the dimension cache, create job as shown below & run.


Hope this helps you....


  1. Hi.. i did above mentioned steps..but.. changes has not been reflected in the form.

    1. Hi, Have you run the job 'clearDimensionCache', which i mentioned?

  2. Hi Shankar,

    Followed the steps as mentioned . Vendor financial dimension can be seen , but the values are not seen in the lookup.