Thursday, 26 May 2011

Steps to Install AX Reporting Services & tools

Steps to Install Reporting Services & tools:
1.       Install .Net 3.5 Frame work.
2.       Install SDK 2008.
3.       Configure IIS
4.       Install SQL Server 2008 with Reporting Services.
5.       Dedicated Business connector account should be created in domain and the same should be specified as BC proxy account in AX, System Services accounts.
6.       Add the BC user to IIS_WPG groups on Computer management in Administrative tools.
7.       BC user should add as AX user.
8.       Install Std. Ax. (Client, Database, AOS, Application, Debugger & .NetBusinessConnector).
9.       Check the SQL Service Configuration Manager. Able to open the Report services URL (Report manager).
10.   Install Hot fix 957312, Its there in the following path,
Login with customer/partner source id in the following link, check the process to install the hot fix.

Copy “microsoft.dynamics.setup.reportingservices.dll” from Softwares\KB957312\setup
To Softwares\AX2009\Msi\Components64\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics AX\50\Setup

Install Kernal\components 64\axupdat.exe on AX Server
Install Application\KB 957312\axpatch.exe on AX Server

11.   Install AX Reporting Services, it should install on SQL Server machine.
12.   Configure the reporting services in AX. Go to Administration\Setup\Business analysis\Reporting Services\Report Servers

Default web service & report manager URL will be there. Go to advanced Tab.
By default it takes Report folder & Data source name as Dynamics & DynamicsAX respectively.
Then click on ‘Create’ and ’Validate ‘ buttons.

If any error throws regarding the permissions,
Go to the Report manager & click the site settings on right hand side corner. Usually it will go to the General tab, click the Security tab & check the current user logged in is there or not.
If not there then create a New Role Assignment and assign System User.
Go to the Home page\ Properties tab\ select the Role\ Edit button. Assign Browser & Content Manger. If required All.
Then try to check again of creating folder. Then validate the URL.

Specify the ip address in the urls instead of machine name if AOS & SQL Server machines are different.

13.   Install Kernal\components 64\axupdat.exe on SQL Server
14.   Specify BC user as execution account in SQL Reporting Services configuration tool
If the current user is not an Administrator, then AX 2009 Report Deployment run as administrator. Otherwise normal run.

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